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Discover the LEUK Lighting Project for ORBEA – Illuminating Cycling!

When it comes to lighting for commerce, it is essential to consider the featured product and the layout in the space. At ORBEA, a shop dedicated to cycling in Barcelos, we have implemented a unique solution to enhance the products with elegance and functionality.

With our white LINEA’S Suspensos, we create side light paths that run throughout the store, providing an engaging and contrasting lighting with the color of the ceiling. This strategic approach ensures that the products on display are highlighted in a sophisticated way, allowing customers to appreciate every detail of the products at ORBEA.

The choice of LINEA’S Suspensos creates a welcoming design and atmosphere, but also offers adequate lighting for the exhibition of products in store. The light is directed in a way that highlights the details of the products, making the shopping experience more pleasant and informative.

In this LEUK lighting project, the harmony between the light and the arrangement of the products creates an attractive atmosphere and invites customers to explore the world of cycling in a unique way.