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Discover the LEUK Lighting Project – Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in Zambia!

In 2016, we had the opportunity to realize our first international lighting project, a public work in Zambia on the African continent. To ensure economical and environmentally friendly lighting, we apply the innovative LED outdoor luminaires, SKYLED with a solar panel, providing a sustainable solution without any additional cost in energy.

SKYLED luminaires have been specially developed for street lighting, combining high levels of energy efficiency with impressive luminous effectiveness. Its advanced technology allows an optimal use of solar energy, ensuring reliable and consistent lighting, even in remote locations and with few resources.

One of the great advantages of these luminaires is their easy maintenance. The external accessories can be removed without completely disassembling the luminaire, making internal interventions quick and simple, which is essential to ensure the continuity and efficiency of the public lighting system.

Through this project, we have proven that LED lighting can be a highly efficient and sustainable solution for street lighting projects, contributing to the development and progress of communities around the world.