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About Us

LED lighting solutions “Made In Portugal”

We are specialists in LED LIGHTING SOLUTIONS “MADE IN” Portugal, which enables us to develop complete and original lighting projects in various architectural projects. Our experience encompasses residential, business, public and outdoor buildings.

We develop a wide range of products for residential, commercial, industrial and institutional environments, providing high quality and efficient lighting solutions.




We develop LIGHTING solutions tailored to your business

LEUK started its activity in 2012 and develops customized LED lighting solutions, designed so that lighting represents a central part in each space.

We combine aesthetics with functionality, quality and efficiency in each product. It is our priority to understand the needs of customers and their satisfaction our goal.

We have a team of designers, engineers and technicians specialized in lighting motivated and committed to develop unique, customized and customized lighting projects, exceeding the expectations of each client.

The quality of our products is the result of the excellence of the components purchased in the European market, as well as the partnerships established with companies with which we are pleased to collaborate.

Find out how our bespoke lighting solutions can drive the success of your business.

We develop LIGHTING tailored to your project

We have a multidisciplinary team of professionals able to find the best solution for your project.