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Bertrand Guimarães

Discover the LEUK Lighting Project for Bertrand – Welcoming Environment and Stunning Lighting!

In this gallery, we present the Lighting Project carried out by LEUK for Bertrand de Guimarães and other stores of the brand. For the visualization of the next book to acquire, it is essential that the environment is welcoming, comfortable and with perfect lighting. In this project, lighting played a pivotal role in creating a pleasant atmosphere.

To ensure an environment suitable for reading and stunning lighting, several LUNAS and LINEAS 25 Suspended were applied. These luminaires have been carefully selected to provide a soft and homogeneous lighting, valuing the space and making the shopping experience even more pleasurable.

Each image depicts the beauty of the LUNAS and LINEAS 25 Suspended, highlighting how they harmonize perfectly with Bertrand’s aesthetic. The luminaires chosen by LEUK bring elegance and sophistication to the environment, creating a unique and engaging atmosphere for customers.

Explore our photo gallery and see how the LEUK Lighting Project has transformed Bertrand’s stores into welcoming and stunning spaces where lighting is an essential part of the reading and shopping experience.