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Discover the LEUK Lighting Project – Efficiency and Style for Open Space Office!

We present our latest LEUK lighting project, specially designed for an open space office. With an approach focused on efficiency and suitability for on-site work, our LINEA’S 25 Suspended play a crucial role in creating a well-lit and functional working environment.

In addition to their primary lighting function, the LINEA’S 25 Suspended add a touch of style and elegance to the space, also becoming decorative elements in their own right. Its strategic layout creates a harmonious movement that further enhances the aesthetics of the office.

Every detail of the project has been carefully planned to ensure optimum lighting, providing an environment conducive to concentration and productivity. The LINEA’S 25 Suspended, in addition to their luminous efficiency, contribute to a pleasant and welcoming environment.

Explore our photo gallery and discover how the LEUK Lighting Project transformed this open space office into an inspiring environment where efficient lighting and style come together to create a truly special workspace.