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Discover the LEUK Lighting Project – Harmonizing with the Essence of Wine in Stuttgart, Germany!

In this gallery, we present the LEUK Lighting Project, specially designed for the cellar of a prestigious German wine brand. The main objective was to enhance the beauty of the wine barrels and harmonize with the essence of the surrounding environment, giving a modern touch.

Every detail was carefully planned to ensure that the exposed product shone with all its excellence. At the heart of this project, we find a set of 3 Arco’s 25 with different diameters and heights, strategically positioned to create a stunning setting.

The Arco’s 25 lamps, with their elegant and sophisticated design, were the perfect choice to bring prominence and charm to the wine barrels in this prestigious cellar. In the images, you can appreciate the perfect harmony between the lighting and the atmosphere of the space, creating a unique and engaging experience for wine lovers.

Explore our photo gallery and discover how the LEUK Lighting Project has transformed this winery into a truly special space, making it even more captivating for all wine lovers visiting this prestigious German brand.