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Quality policy

LEUK has traced its role in the growth and increase of its offer of products and services, developing new competences and establishing strategic alliances with partners with whom it shares the vision and understanding of the needs of the market in general, and the particular requirements of each client. . With an intention clearly focused on increasing the quality standards and total satisfaction of its customers in their areas of activity, LEUK is committed to complying with the quality policy based on the following principles: To be, for employees, customers, suppliers and all business partners, a Trusted, Credible, Competent and Competitive company that bets on establishing and maintaining Commitment Relationships; Meet the common goals of developing organizational maturity in order to increase your agility in placing products and / or services on the global market; Investing in a commitment to the future, with sustained growth and competitive advantages based on innovation in terms of products, services, technologies and facilities, and agility and speed in response based on a business model of proximity to the customer and continuous improvement of Law Suit; Keep employees motivated in order to obtain their involvement in the company, providing them with an adequate and healthy work environment, providing the necessary technical means and infrastructures, in expectation of achieving the objectives and goals set by the organization. Comply with the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to the sector and with the NP ISO 9001 Standard, investing continuously in improving the effectiveness of the Quality Management System, through the periodic review of its objectives, policy and processes. LEUK’s quality policy, based on these principles, will contribute to the achievement of its intention within the scope of the creation of new lighting materials of high energy efficiency and development of solutions that meet the requirements of the Client, assuming a commitment between the aesthetics, functionality and energy efficiency and contributing to increasing the competitiveness, efficiency and leadership of its customers

Revised on December 15, 2020