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Explore the LEUK Lighting Project for the NH Porto Jardim Hotel – Memorable Experiences in Welcoming Environments!

At the NH Porto Jardim Hotel, we recognize the importance of providing a memorable experience to each guest, ensuring their satisfaction and loyalty. In this LEUK lighting project, every detail has been carefully thought out to create pleasant and welcoming environments where lighting plays a key role.

The appropriate color temperature and light emission have been carefully selected to ensure an inviting and comfortable environment. In addition, the possibility of regulating the intensity of the light offers even more flexibility and personalization, providing a unique experience for each guest.

Throughout the installation, both indoors and outdoors, several LEUK product ranges have been applied. Each lamp has been strategically chosen to contribute to the welcoming atmosphere of the hotel, creating engaging spaces that invite guests to relax and enjoy special moments.

Our photo gallery shows how the LEUK Lighting Project transformed the NH Porto Jardim Hotel into a welcoming and charming place, where lighting is a key element in making guests’ stay truly memorable.