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Discover the LEUK Lighting Project – Customized Solutions for Wide and Efficient Spaces!

In this LEUK lighting project, Suspended LINEA’S were applied throughout the length of the space, providing an effective solution for places that demand high light emission (6000k). These suspended luminaires create a perspective of spaciousness, giving the environment a feeling of open and harmoniously illuminated space.

In the packaging warehouse, LEUK chose to apply Campânula’s, a solution designed specifically for areas that require more focused and intense lighting. With the Campânula’s, the light emission is directed to specific locations, ensuring accurate and efficient lighting at the necessary points.

Each image depicts how the Suspended LINEA’S and Campânula’s have been carefully selected to meet the specific needs of the space, providing optimised and functional lighting for the activities carried out on site.

Explore our photo gallery and discover how the LEUK Lighting Project transformed these expansive spaces into efficient environments, offering the best lighting for each area, creating a unique and well-lit experience in every corner.