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Mercadinhos Adriano




Mercadinhos Adriano

Discover the Mercadinhos Adriano Lighting Project in Felgueiras – Luminosity and Beauty in Harmony!

In this gallery, we present the Lighting Project carried out by LEUK for the new facilities of the Mercadinhos Adriano supermarket in Felgueiras. In this project, our main concern was to create a 100% illuminated environment, allowing the true color of the exposed products to shine.

To achieve this goal, we use several customized Suspended LINEA’S, carefully designed to provide a homogeneous luminosity throughout the space. The luminaires have been specially developed to fit with the concept of the project, adding a touch of beauty and sophistication.

In the gallery, you will find images that depict the harmony between luminosity and aesthetics, where every detail has been meticulously thought out to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The SUSPENDED LINEA’S, are quite versatile and with a soft and uniform light, enhance the quality and colors of the products, providing a unique shopping experience for the customers of Mercadinhos Adriano.

Explore our photo gallery and discover how LEUK transformed the new facilities of Mercadinhos Adriano in Felgueiras, creating a 100% illuminated and stunning environment, where luminosity and beauty meet in perfect harmony.