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Decor, Suspended

Arco 25

ARCO 25 presents a compact and elegant solution in the form of an LED light circle. Measuring just 25mm wide and 30mm high, this circle of light offers a reduced footprint compared to the ARCO range. Its slim and elegant design creates an impressive visual effect, perfect for use in modern spaces. In addition, the LED light circle can be produced in a personalized way, allowing you to choose the desired color and the ideal diameter to perfectly suit your project. This customization offers flexibility and versatility in lighting design. Combine the ARCO 25 LED circle light with other ARCO’s 25 of different sizes or with the rest of LEUK luminaires and discover how it can transform your spaces, adding a touch of sophistication and unique style.

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Technical Information Summary

  • Material


  • Protection Index


  • CRI


  • Luminous Flux
  • LED Color Temperature

    3000K | 4000K | 6000K

  • Insulation Class


  • Dimensions

    Ø350mm - Ø1800mm

  • Risk Group