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Discover RING WOOD, an exclusive table lamp composed of an elegant aluminium arch-shaped set on a wooden base. With a harmonious design, this luminaire provides a soft and comfortable light emission on the inside of the circle, creating a cozy atmosphere. The perfect combination of the aluminium arch and wooden base enhances the whole set on a table, adding a touch of elegance to your space. In addition, both parts can be customized according to your project, allowing you to choose the colors and finishes that best suit your decoration. Discover how this table lamp from LEUK can illuminate and transform your environment with style and functionality.

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Technical Information Summary

  • Material

    Aluminium | Wood

  • Protection Index


  • CRI


  • Luminous Flux
  • LED Color Temperature

    2700K | 3000K | 4000K | 6500K

  • Insulation Class


  • Dimensions

    Ø350mm | Ø450mm | Ø650mm

  • Risk Group